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Joe’s teaching incorporates the daring improv of street theatre, the large-scale visual play of stadium shows and outdoor spectacles, the focused work of the theatre actor, the broad style of the circus, as well as the confrontational approach of the stand-up comic.

For four years, Joe was Director of the Clown Conservatory at Circus Center San Francisco where he developed an in-depth pedagogy combining Clown, Circus, Theatre, Slapstick and Commedia. He was a master teacher at the Dell’Arte School, Director of La Escuela de Clown y Comedia in Zaragoza, Spain, taught at the Belfast Community Circus, Teater Studion in Stockholm, American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, UNC-Greensboro, Coastal Carolina University, Red Noses International, Prague / Vienna, and the Wuqiao International Circus Festival, Shijiazhuang, China.

His students have worked for Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, 500 Clown, the Pajama Men, the Dell’Arte School, the New Pickle Circus, University of Missouri at Kansas City, La Soirée, Steppenwolf Theatre, The Actors Gymnasium, Lookingglass Theatre, University of Chicago, University of Idaho, Columbia College, Big Apple Circus, DePaul School of Theatre. Many have started successful theatre companies creating original devised work.

He’s written two teaching manuals, CLOWN The Physical Comedian and Drama Games for Clowning and Physical Comedy. For more info, click here. Check out Joe’s tour schedule.

“Joe’s work ethic and care for the art of clown is apparent in all he does and his willingness to go the extra mile is astounding. Joe’s teaching style never coddles you and always keeps you on your toes to do your best. Sometimes what you need to grow isn’t easy to hear, but Joe’s not afraid to tell it like it is and push you to be better.” Andrew Pulkrabek, Comedian, Entertainer

“Joe is my fricken hero. He’s a complete nutball, but also humble, gentle and kind. But also a complete asshole when that’s what the situation calls for! Joe has taught me how to open up, mess with the world and let it mess with me. I will never be the same after this class and that’s a wonderful feeling.” Rebekah Cavinder, Clown and Performing Artist

“Trickster par excellence. Font of experience and conduit for learning. Passionate craftsman with incredible work ethic. Dedicated and opinionated yet open and curious. Respectful, tactful, yet tells it like it is.” Christian Schneider, Photgrapher, Artist

For information about workshops and residencies contact: joedieff@gmail.com / +44 7529 324192

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