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Online Directing

Do you have ideas you want to develop into a show but you're having trouble putting them all together? You need a collaborator, someone to bounce ideas off of, or a director to help create a better structure for your show, develop the plot, make the characters and the story stronger. Whether it's a 3 minute routine or a full hour and a half of theatre, I can help.

I’ve worked with solo artists as well as large ensembles, performers who are just starting out and established companies. I’ve collaborated with dramatic actors, stand up comedians, circus artists, opera singers, pop singers, clowns, cabaret artists, musical theatre actors, mimes, Renaissance festival players, puppeteers, mask performers, children’s theatre companies, Shakespearean actors, slapstick comedians and YouTube artists. Whatever your style of theatre, I can help you take your ideas to another level.

I’ve collaborated with artists using Zoom, Skype and YouTube - you perform for your camera, I watch it on my screen and give immediate feedback. This free, online technology allows us to work together wherever you are in the world, at your convenience, as often as you like, over the entire process of creating new work. It's the next best thing to being there and it really works!

Check out the Plans & Pricing link on this page - it shows the various things I offer and what they cost. You can contact me by email or by phone. I look forward to working with you!

Resumé / new mobile: +44 7529 324192


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