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photos: Eric Gillette / Christian Schneider

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I appreciated Joe's teaching style - get in, get it done, let's just try it - and I appreciated the ways in which he held the whole space and intensive and was clearly interested and invested in being in it rather than standing aside as the instructor. It felt good to know that we were in a place where the leader understood his job to be working the hardest rather than sitting back and let other people do the heavy lifting.

Ariel Speedwagon, Performing Artist

Joe is truly the Boss Clown. His work ethic and care for the art of clown is apparent in all he does and his willingness to go the extra mile is astounding. Joe's teaching style never coddles you and always keeps you on your toes to do your best. Sometimes what you need to grow isn't easy to hear, but Joe's not afraid to tell it like it is and push you to be better.

Andrew Pulkrabek, Clown, Entertainer

Joe is my fricken hero. He's a complete nutball, but also humble, gentle and kind - but also a complete asshole when that's what the situation calls for! Joe has taught me how to open up, play, mess with the world and let it mess with me. I will never be the same after this class and that's a wonderful feeling.

Rebekah Cavinder, Ringling Clown and Performing Artist

Trickster par excellence. Font of experience and conduit for learning. Passionate craftsman with incredible work ethic. Dedicated and opinionated yet open and curious. Respectful, tactful, yet tells it like it is.

Christian Schneider, Photgrapher, Artist

Joe is an amazing, compassionate and unbelievably knowledgeable teacher. He knows how to lead you to a gate and give you the tools so you can learn to open the gate yourself. He is encouraging and loving, but will not accept less than your best. His eye for precision, play and comedy have shown me the world of clown in a beautiful light.

Allison Daniel, Puppeteer, Teacher, Acrobat

What his Students have to

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I hope I'm not being dramatic when I say Joe's teaching changed my life. I've always been a performer, but I now know all of my previous training has been leading up to this. Joe's program allowed me to discover and grow my clown. I felt supported to take risks, delve deep, not be comfortable, yet I never felt the feedback had a harsh edge to it. I woke up literally each morning of the program, excited to get back! Thank you for this gift.

Wendi Gross aka Wyndy Wynazz, Actress, Cabaret Artist

Every day in Joe's Physical Theatre class was a challenge. Joe always pushed us to get past the obvious and dig deeper into ourselves. Offer this guy a job as a full-time professor. He is pretty brilliant!

Student, Coastal Carolina University

Joe was an excellent acrobatics teacher. I feel like I'm walking away from his class with greater body awareness. He brought a disciplined and regimented feeling to the class but never lost the sense of play and fun. He gave me physical confidence by putting my sense of balance, strength and flexibility to the test.

Student, ACT San Francisco

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