nakupelle masks

We custom make masks for theate productions, movement training, children’s theater, therapy and private collectors. Or you can order from our designs below.

How to Order: Write down the letters below each photo, email a list to and we’ll send a quote.

Note: Any mask with -P is the same mask painted different colors. -H means hair was added to the mask.

All the masks are original designs of Joe Dieffenbacher and Minna Matilda aka nakupelle masks.

For a better view of the mask, click on the photo to expand.

commedia dell’arte and half masks

Rather than recreate the stock characters from the 16th Century, we want actors to discover the spirit of commedia dell’arte through their play with the masks. Thus the actor has more freedom to explore and discover a character led by the mask itself. They discover a greater range of emotion and physical play. The masks can be played by any gender. Hair can be added or the paint job altered to suit your needs. Click image to expand the photo.

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