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Joe has designed masks and puppets for theatre companies around the world. Full-face character and half-face commedia masks, large parade puppets, intricate shadow puppets, animal and insect masks, and headdresses.

As a set designer, Joe has created environments for large and small scale theatre productions. His designs emphasize that sets are characters themselves not just background decor and should be integrated with the actors’ play.

His prop designs are meant to encourage an actor’s creativity, to use props to express thoughts and emotions, display a skill and create powerful moments of visual theatre.

He’s designed for the Juilliard School, Dell’Arte International, Cirque du Soleil, University of Virginia-Charlottesville, Clown Conservatory-San Francisco, University of Idaho, San Diego Circus Center, Bucknell University, Orlando Shakespeare Company, I Theatre-Singaore, Trinity Rep, Purdue University, Smuin Ballet, British pop sensations Take That, Texas University Opera, Holiday on Ice, and Shakespeare’s Globe. ~ How to Order Masks

Commedia mask Stupino by Joe Dieffenbacher
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