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Joe has authored two books: CLOWN The Physical Comedian published by Bloomsbury, and DRAMA GAMES for Clowning and Physical Comedy published by Nick Hern Books. They contain exercises for helping you create original, devised material, and photos of physical comedy performers in action.

Many of the exercises are original and cannot be found in any other books. These unique handbooks are for Actors, Teachers, Directors, Improvisers, Clowns, Stand Up Comedians, Circus Artists, Musical Theatre Actors, Renaissance Players, Street Performers and Physical Theatre artists.

Both books include discussions on Play, Curiosity, Competition, Collaboration, Provocation, Prop Play, Physical Expression, Solo, Duo, Trio, and Ensemble work. The exercises explore character development, creating scenes and routines, devising theatre and working with established scripts.

The books are full of insights from an artist who has over 35 years of experience as an actor, teacher, director and designer, in venues ranging from house parties to nightclubs, cabarets and black box theatres to street performing on the plazas of Europe, from one-ring circuses to three-ring American extravaganzas, the Scottish National Opera to Shakespeare’s Globe, the Belfast Community Circus to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, the London Olympics to Wembley Stadium.

CLOWN The Physical Comedian is a detailed workbook for anyone interested in the art of clowning and physical comedy. An extensive and diverse compilation of tried-and-tested exercises and games, the book aids ensemble-building, character development, devising theatre, physicalising text, vocalising movement plus creating cabaret acts, clown routines and commedia scenes. It offers advice on developing presence onstage; increasing strength, flexibility and physical expression; developing partner and trio relationships; understanding the power of the mask; and turning a performance into a conversation with your audience. The book is published with online resources, which feature videos of a selection of the exercises featured in the book. Order from: Amazon, Bloomsbury

“Concise, generous, energetic, collaborative and complicit. Joe manages to articulate what clown is, where it came from and what it takes to become a true clown. CLOWN: The Physical Comedian offers great tools for teaching, directing and devising clown. I wish I had this book 35 years ago when I first started clowning. It is brilliant.” Michael Kennard, University of Alberta

DRAMA GAMES for Clowning and Physical Comedy offers games and exercises to explore the fundamental concepts of clowning and physical comedy, encourage playfulness, curiosity and collaboration, and help develop performance material. The focus is on developing a playful mind and body, listening to and observing the world around you, and improving your ability to express yourself physically. An essential book for actors, improvisers, comedians, directors and teachers looking to explore the principles of clowning to enrich performance skills, generate original material or bring a fresh approach to scripted work. Order from: Amazon

“The perfect companion for any director, this is the most imaginative and comprehensive book of theatre games I have seen.” Cal McCrystal (comedy director for The Mighty Boosh, One Man, Two Guvnors and Paddington)

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