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Joe Dieffenbacher - Actor

Joe’s forte is devised work: he’s created nine solo shows and co-founded two physical theatre troupes, the Abbotts of Unreason and Los Payasos Mendigos. He tours with his own company, nakupelle, combining theatre, improvisation, circus, masks, puppetry and clown. Joe has been featured at theatres, outdoor festivals, circuses, and cabarets all over the world.

As an actor, Joe has worked with British pop sensations, Take That (created scenes for ITV special, music video, stadium and arena tours), the closing ceremonies for the London Olympics and Paralympics (co-creator of opening sequences), Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Clown and Elephant Jumper), Disneyland and Disney World, the Dell’Arte Players, FISM Champions of Magic, Scott & Muriel, and the world reknowned, Holiday on Ice.

His film work includes: Where the Elephant Sits, Do Not Disturb, Take That Comes to Town, The Circus Live, These Days on Tour, Bizarre: A Circus Story, and Yearning. He’s also created his own web series, How to Learn Slapstick.

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Filled with inspired lunacy and magical effects, PaperWork features an aggressive paper shredder, a fight with a mad dog, silly stunts with trash, a battle with a dragon, and a singing street cleaner in a shredded paper chicken suit. A playground full of visual gags and absurd comedy. ~ photos – video

The Trap

A plan, a man, a plant. Technology and nature do battle with an unlucky fool caught in the middle. A homage to the great silent film comedians, this acclaimed show combines acrobatics, hilarious physical comedy, ingenious audience play and an inventive use of simple props to create a unique comic performance. ~ photos – video

Waiting for the Fridge

A starving clown finds a fridge full of food and goes on a journey stocked with innovative puppetry, comic dance, clowning, audience play and experimental mask work. Influenced by Beckett, Trickster tales and Master Chef, Fridge is a twisted take on consumer culture and its perils. ~ photos – video

Icarus at the Office

Icarus is an office worker who wants to escape his boring job and take flight. A comic tale to liberate the imagination! Featuring eccentric dance, circus skills, slapstick, magic, pop up puppetry and physical comedy ~ photos – video

On Tour with Take That

Joe was featured as the Clown in the British pop sensations ITV special, Take That Comes to Town, toured with the group as a balloon pilot in The Circus Tour, and as the Engineer in TT3. ~ photos-video

London Olympics

Joe was featured in the Olympics and Paralympics Closing Ceremonies in scenes he helped create. The image of him waving the British flag atop a replica of Big Ben was featured on news sites around the world. His work on the Dreamers sequence led to the raising of the Paralympics icon.

PEEL When the Id Comes Marching In

Influenced by Trickster tales and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Monty Python, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Moe and Curly, PEEL uses ingenious mask work, chair acrobatics, juggling and physical comedy to tell the story of one man’s breakdown and the power of humour to heal. ~ photos-video


A clown offers balloons to everyone but instead they pop, explode, fly off, abuse him, transform him. His coat and his hat attack him. Bloons! is a parody of clown cliches featuring improvisation, puppets, dance, audience interaction, slapstick and of course, balloons. ~ photos-video

Just Dance Live!

Joe starred as JD, the MC for the US tour of Just Dance Live! He was also featured as a dancer, juggler, and game leader in this interactive concert and dance party based on the popular video game, Just Dance!

Joe’s YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Joe’s channel and enjoy videos of Physical Comedy, Clowns, Slapstick, Workshops, Masters of Physical and Visual Theatre, Female Fools, Dancers, Mask Performers, Puppeteers and Joe’s in depth series How to Learn Slapstick ~ channel link

contact Joe at: / +44 7529 3241

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